Thursday, February 4, 2010

File your New Jersey State Taxes – Free

How to file your New Jersey State Tax Return Free?

While finding out the resources to file New Jersey Taxes find out the important information regarding NJWEBFile.

New Jersey government supports NJWebFile which allow us to e-file New Jersey tax return free of cost. Check out the link as below to file your New Jersey state tax return.

You can login to use New Jersey webfile program from above screen. And fill up the information as needed.

Eligibility Criteria to use New Jersey WebFile Program
Below are the important notes for qualifying for the NJ web file options(and most taxpayers do).
  1. If your New Jersey Gross Income over $150,000 can use NJ Webfile.
  2. NJ Webfile can be used to file full-year resident income tax returns only.(Part-year and nonresident returns cannot be filed through NJ Webfile.)
  3. Please have a copy of your prior year NJ Income Tax return available as information from that return is needed to access the NJ WebFile program.
For a complete listing of the eligibility and system requirements visit our website at

[All information are taken from the New Jersey Government website.]


  1. Thanks for sharing this, as I have to efile my taxes as soon as possible. It is the best and only way to do taxes in my opinion mainly because we can do so much with technology these days, why not just file taxes on the computer as well? It's been very easy for me so far, I hope the trend continues.

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