Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calculate Oregon State Taxes-Tax Calculator

I was searching through Oregon state government website and found interactive tool which let us to calculate our Oregon State taxes before filing state tax return.

It is very basic functionality by Oregon Government which almost every tax software provides. But this basic functionality becomes more important when you are cross verifying your taxes or estimating your tax planning for future purpose. Just handy tool to calculate in which income tax bracket you are falling in.

Below is the link to calculate the Oregon taxes by Oragon Government.

Provide Tax Income and Filing status on given option and calculate on “Find my tax rate” button. It will redirect a new page showing your tax amount.

This is very simple functionality and gives an idea about the Tax return. If you have some addition and subtraction regarding your state taxes, you able to figure out the estimated amount as refund or due.

If you are filing your tax return online or by your own or using any software this tool helps you decide whether you created the right tax return or not.

[Generally this tool is based upon the Taxable Income and the filing status combination. So amount is calculated on above condition with reference to the State Tax rates or State Tax Table.]

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

File Your Simple California State Tax Return Free. Prepare, Print or E-File

California government supports the facility like ReadyReturn to prepare a simple tax return with ease of use on government website.

ReadyReturn :

ReadyReturn is a free service developed by California Government (FTB) to make filing individual income tax returns easier. It uses information the state already has from the last return you filed and from your Form W-2 to pre-fill a California state tax return.
If you are single and your income is only from wages, you may qualify for ReadyReturn. It simplifies the filing process by pre-filling a tax return with information the state already has.

To qualify, you must have filed a 2008 California resident Tax return with:
  1. Single or head of household filing status.
  2. Income only from wages.
  3. No more than five dependents.
  4. No credits other than the renter’s credit.
  5. Standard deduction.
In 2009, you must have had only one employer. Taxpayers who can be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return qualify for ReadyReturn.

Just follow the state website link and check it out whether you are qualify for readyreturn or not.

You can directly E-file your California state tax return to government or can take a print for future purpose.

File Your California State Taxes Free, Print, Prepare and E-File using CalFile

CALFILE : A service from the California government for Tax Payer to file their tax return totally Free on California Government Website. California Government provides “CALFILE“ to help clients to prepare online Tax return on California Government Website.

If you fullfil all criteria mentioned below, you can qualify to use the CALFILE To file your California state taxes. [As most of the Taxpayer do qualify to use CALFILE for their California tax return.]
  1. Be a California resident for the entire year.
  2. You are filing a 2009 California personal income tax return.
  3. Claiming up to 10 dependents.
  4. Your only income is from Wages, Salary, Tips, Interest, Dividends, Unemployment compensation, paid family leave, and tax refund reported on Form 1099-G, 1099R, Form SSA-1099 etc.
  5. Your Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) can be up to.
  • $160,739 for single and married/registered domestic partnership (RDP) filing separately taxpayers.
  • $241,113 for head of household taxpayers.
  • $321,483 for married/RDP filing jointly and qualifying widow(er) taxpayers.

For more information Click here to check California government website to check whether you qualify or not.

If you Qualify, you can File your California State Taxes using CALFILE free of cost on California Government Website. Click below to Start your California state taxes.

Find out more about CALFILE on the California state tax website.

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[Links and contents are taken from the California government website.]

Prepare, Print, E-File your Federal Taxes FREE

IRS Government provides list of various software venders to file Individual Federal Tax Return Free of Charge depending upon the Adjusted Gross Income and other conditions etc.

Various online TAX software company have various offers to support free of cost Federal Return along with state taxes. You can choose any of the online Tax Software company from the IRS website from the below link.

Once you reach to the Federal IRS website, you can click on the option described below.

One of the option says “I will choose A Company“. If you want to find out about various offers from the various Online Tax Software Provider companies, this is the great option to go with. This will show a list of the companies who are participating on IRS website.

Second Option says “Help Me Find A Company“. On the page, enter your information such as age, resident state etc. and based upon that you can find out the best Online Tax Software provider company.

After clicking on particular Online Tax Software provider company’s link displayed on the website, it will leave the IRS website and redirect to the concern companies website.

You can find out various informative resources to prepare your Online Federal Taxes with various Tax software companies from here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tax Law Changes for California State Tax 2009

For Current Tax Year 2009, California government modified various limits. This information will help you to file and estimate your taxes.

California standard deduction amount

For single or married  filing separately amount is decrease from $3,692 to $3,637 for tax year 2009.

For those who file married/RDP filing jointly, surviving spouse, or head of household taxpayers, the standard deduction decrease from $7,384 to $7,274 for tax year 2009.

California Personal Exemption Credit

For single or married  filing separately is decrease from $99 to $98 for tax year 2009.

For those who file married/RDP filing jointly taxpayers, amount decrease from $198 to $196 for tax year 2009.

Exemption credit for Dependent change to $98 for Tax year 2009.

Exemption credit for Blind change to $98 for Tax year 2009.

Exemption credit for Age 65 or older change to $98 for Tax year 2009.

Same way, the limits for the tax tables and tax rates are also changed. You can find out more information for changes in california state tax ranges on the State government website link as below.

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