Monday, February 22, 2010

File Free IDAHO individual income taxes Online

Free Federal and State electronic filing for IDAHO State

While searching for online IDAHO state tax return preparation, find the link where software companies who are providing free services to file both FEDERAL and STATE taxes.

The state of Idaho has partnered with software developers and the IRS to provide selected groups of taxpayers with free electronic filing.

Below are the list of software developer who are providing Federal and State taxes both FREE (if you qualify). If you do not qualify, they will charge depending upon their offers. You can find out more information on Idaho state government website for the same.


Intuit offers free tax preparation and e-filing of both federal and state tax returns with TurboTax Freedom EditionSM if in tax year 2009 you met at least one of the following requirements:
  • If you qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC),
  • If you earned $31,000 or less in adjusted gross income (AGI)
  • If you served active military duty,including reservists and National Guard members with a military W-2, and your AGI was $57,000 or less.

OnLine Taxes

OnLine Taxes offers free e-filing of both federal and state tax returns for all Idaho taxpayers age 20 or under.

Tax Hawk

TaxHawk offers free e-filing of your federal and state tax return with the following requirements:
  • Federal tax return : No Restrictions
  • State tax return : if you earned $20,000 or less in adjusted gross income (AGI).

TaxSlayer offers free e-filing of both state and federal tax returns. Taxpayers are eligible for free filing if their federal adjusted gross income (AGI) was less than $57,000 and they met any of the following requirements:
  • Aged 25 or younger or 65 or older.
  • Had a federal AGI of $10,000 or less regardless of age.
  • Qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC).
  • Served active duty military including reservists, National Guard, and Coast Guard members.
All above contents are taken from IDAHO government website. You can find the same offers on the related companies website. 

[Neither this website nor the Idaho Tax Commission does not endorse the following companies, products, or services. The companies listed on this page offer different levels of service, so you may want to look carefully at each provider to see which free filing offers you qualify for.]

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