Monday, March 29, 2010

File Federal State Individual Taxes before April 15

Have you filed your tax return? April 15 is fast approaching.

April 15 is the last day to file an individual income tax return to IRS for both federal and state tax return. You can either print your tax return and submit it to IRS or E-File your tax return online before April 15 to save late return penalties.

There are many options to file your federal and state taxes quick and free including various software offers and listed companies on FFA page.

To file your Federal tax return free, you can choose the IRS free file program to choose the best company that suits you and your situation.

More information regarding Federal tax software and FFA options are describe in the earlier Post. (

If you are not sure, that you are able to file your taxes before that, you can also file an extension (Form 4868) to the IRS to informing about the delay of your tax return. In that case you are not liable for penalty. Most of the software are also supporting the e-file of extension.

Also if you owe money then you have to pay your owe money with this form either by cheques or by direct debit. If you are e-filing then you have a option of direct debit else if you are sending this form as a paper file you need to attach a cheques along with the form. You can find more information about extension filing on

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