Thursday, January 28, 2010

Calculate Oregon State Taxes-Tax Calculator

I was searching through Oregon state government website and found interactive tool which let us to calculate our Oregon State taxes before filing state tax return.

It is very basic functionality by Oregon Government which almost every tax software provides. But this basic functionality becomes more important when you are cross verifying your taxes or estimating your tax planning for future purpose. Just handy tool to calculate in which income tax bracket you are falling in.

Below is the link to calculate the Oregon taxes by Oragon Government.

Provide Tax Income and Filing status on given option and calculate on “Find my tax rate” button. It will redirect a new page showing your tax amount.

This is very simple functionality and gives an idea about the Tax return. If you have some addition and subtraction regarding your state taxes, you able to figure out the estimated amount as refund or due.

If you are filing your tax return online or by your own or using any software this tool helps you decide whether you created the right tax return or not.

[Generally this tool is based upon the Taxable Income and the filing status combination. So amount is calculated on above condition with reference to the State Tax rates or State Tax Table.]

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  1. Thanks for the useful information you posted. I've been meaning to efile taxes sooner rather than later so I don't have to worry about them at the last minute. With the deadline approaching, I've been looking for all of the help that I can get!