Tuesday, January 26, 2010

File Your Simple California State Tax Return Free. Prepare, Print or E-File

California government supports the facility like ReadyReturn to prepare a simple tax return with ease of use on government website.

ReadyReturn :

ReadyReturn is a free service developed by California Government (FTB) to make filing individual income tax returns easier. It uses information the state already has from the last return you filed and from your Form W-2 to pre-fill a California state tax return.
If you are single and your income is only from wages, you may qualify for ReadyReturn. It simplifies the filing process by pre-filling a tax return with information the state already has.

To qualify, you must have filed a 2008 California resident Tax return with:
  1. Single or head of household filing status.
  2. Income only from wages.
  3. No more than five dependents.
  4. No credits other than the renter’s credit.
  5. Standard deduction.
In 2009, you must have had only one employer. Taxpayers who can be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return qualify for ReadyReturn.

Just follow the state website link and check it out whether you are qualify for readyreturn or not.

You can directly E-file your California state tax return to government or can take a print for future purpose.

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