Tuesday, January 26, 2010

File Your California State Taxes Free, Print, Prepare and E-File using CalFile

CALFILE : A service from the California government for Tax Payer to file their tax return totally Free on California Government Website. California Government provides “CALFILE“ to help clients to prepare online Tax return on California Government Website.

If you fullfil all criteria mentioned below, you can qualify to use the CALFILE To file your California state taxes. [As most of the Taxpayer do qualify to use CALFILE for their California tax return.]
  1. Be a California resident for the entire year.
  2. You are filing a 2009 California personal income tax return.
  3. Claiming up to 10 dependents.
  4. Your only income is from Wages, Salary, Tips, Interest, Dividends, Unemployment compensation, paid family leave, and tax refund reported on Form 1099-G, 1099R, Form SSA-1099 etc.
  5. Your Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) can be up to.
  • $160,739 for single and married/registered domestic partnership (RDP) filing separately taxpayers.
  • $241,113 for head of household taxpayers.
  • $321,483 for married/RDP filing jointly and qualifying widow(er) taxpayers.

For more information Click here to check California government website to check whether you qualify or not.

If you Qualify, you can File your California State Taxes using CALFILE free of cost on California Government Website. Click below to Start your California state taxes.

Find out more about CALFILE on the California state tax website.

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[Links and contents are taken from the California government website.]

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